The Journals of Simon Pariah No. 3

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As the Himalayas ascend above Tibet, so does Simon ascend to the temple of a long-time friend, hoping to rescue their sect from the rushing tide of Communism. Will he be in time to help, or will he find nothing but Dust and Bones?

"The Journals of Simon Pariah" visits entries from the career of an immortal adventurer, charting his travels through time and around the world. Encountering figures whose shadows loom large over history and legend, he is sometimes witness, sometimes participant, sometimes prime mover to the events that have shaped our world.

Written and illustrated by Dominic, this book combines a love of classic fantasy, historical fiction and pulp adventure with a Japanese influenced art style in an attempt to make something that is as entertaining as it is thought-provoking.

Won't you join the adventure?

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  • Length
    28 pages
  • Size39.8 MB
  • Length28 pages
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The Journals of Simon Pariah No. 3

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